Tags allow you to apply additional layers of data on your intents, training examples and unlabeled utterances. They can be used to filter the labeled and unlabelled, control what data is used in evaluations and can be used to annotate protected data.

You can create tags via Tags section or import them using our JSON format.


You can apply tags on both intents and training examples. Tags can also be used to filter your unlabeled data, intents and training examples.

Filtering labeled data#

Filtering unlabeled data#

Protected tags#

In the Tags section, you can edit a tag and make it protected. This will prevent any modification to the utterance that has a protected tag.


This is useful when managing a test set in HumanFirst, it insures the test set remains intact.

Exclude and/or include tags in evaluations#

Tags can be used to include or exclude certain intents and training examples from evaluations.