What is HumanFirst


HumanFirst provides infrastructure, APIs and workflows to transform unstructured conversational and utterance data into accurate and scalable NLU training data & models

โ‡๏ธ Visual Data Studio#

AI-assisted human workflows that provide superpowers for:

  • Exploring data
  • Labeling data
  • Fixing and improving model accuracy
  • Scaling model

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โ‡๏ธ APIs#

State-of-the-art APIs trained from your data, powering Studio and your own applications:

  • Prediction
  • Query
  • Recommend

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โ‡๏ธ Integrations#

Export your data to any NLU or conversational AI platform with Studio or our Command Line Tool (CLI).

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โ‡๏ธ Data Pipeline#

Scalable indexing and querying of uploaded unlabeled and labeled data that powers our APIs and Studio

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Built for long tail scale#

  • Index and query millions of unlabeled data in real-time
  • Manage training datasets with thousands of intents, hundreds of thousands of training phrases

Centralized hub#

  • Built for product, data science, labeling and dev teams
  • Increased transparency and collaboration between stakeholders around data and use-cases
  • Collaborative workspaces and workflows
  • Share training datasets and build taxonomies to easily re-use across projects