Getting started with NLG features


Beta feature
HumanFirst NLG features are currently available on demand only.

Enabling prompts#

Prompt engineering can be enabled via the Feature flags widget by checking the Enable prompt management option.

Adding an LLM integration#

To run any of our NLG features your namespace will need an integration with one of our supported generative model providers:

Specifying the workspace default NLG model#

Once you have added the required integrations to your namespace, you will need to specify the integration to use for NLG features in your workspace.

  1. Open the workspace settings
  2. Select the integration to use
  3. (optional) specify which generative model to use.

Workspace NLG settings;


If you have not properly configured your workspace for NLG features, you are likely to see one of the two errors below:

No generative integration found#

You have not configured an integration that provides generative models. See integrations for more details.

No integration found error

No default generative integration set#

You have not specified the default NLG model to be used by the workspace. See Specifying the workspace default NLG model

No default integration set error