Create Entities

Creating entities from the entity section#

Within the entity section, you can create synonym-based, regex & system entities.

Creating entities from intents#

Within intents you can turn on Annotate which allows you to annotate entities. Once a few entities have been highlighted, you will see a real-time recommendation to where these entities should be annotated based on the existing entity types and values in the workspace.

Creation options#

When entities are selected and you click New entity or select an existing entity you will asked to define the entity name and decide whether you assign the selected entities as synonyms of a new entity value or assign all of them as new entity values.

Entity variation discovery by elimination#

Once you select an entity within an intent you’ll see Find similar variations button light up. This allows you to surface phrases that are semantically similar, but that do not contain the entity you’ve just highlighted; helping you discover entity variations quickly.