Blindset testing

60 minutes

  • Introduction into using tags

    • Using tags at the intent level
    • Using tags at the utterance level
  • Running a blindset

    • Reviewing what a blindset is and when to use one
    • Utilising label names as an example
    • Adding the literal intent name to every intent from a csv
    • Understanding why is this a good test
  • Understanding what you want to achieve with blindsets

    • The different types of blindsets
      • Regression - middle of the meaning, cases that should match
      • Analyst - difficult or edge cases
      • Specific sets for specific purposes
  • Configuring the HumanFirst to exclude blinds by intent tags

  • Configuring HumanFirst to run an evaluation on an external NLU

  • Importing a blindset from a CSV and automatically adding a phrase level tag

  • Blindsets as a way of having a structured empircal approaches for redesigning classes