Vertex AI


Beta feature
HumanFirst prompt engineering features are currently available on demand only.


Adding the Vertex AI integration to HumanFirst Studio will let you:

  1. Run & test custom prompts against your data
  2. Run HumanFirst pipelines on your data

Adding a Vertex AI integration will require a few steps both on the Google Cloud Console & in HumanFirst Studio's integration area.

Google Cloud Console steps#

Select your GCP project#

  1. Go to
  2. Select the project in which you want to enable Vertex AI
  3. Note your GCP project ID

Create a service account#

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console IAM / Admin section
  2. Go to the service accounts section
  3. Click create a service account

Add a Vertex AI role#

Fill out the form, make sure to provide the Vertex AI Admin role. Add any team members who will need to administer the JSON keys.

Create a JSON key#

  1. Navigate to the service account
  2. Open the "Keys" tab
  3. Create a JSON key.

HumanFirst Studio steps#

For these steps, you'll need to have administrative privileges on your namespace.

Add an integration#

Choose the Vertex AI option#

Fill out the Vertex AI details#

  1. Name your integration
  2. Upload your project GCP JSON key

Configure your workspace for Vertex AI#

This step will be required on every workspace with which you want to use NLG features.

  1. Navigate to your workspace "settings"
  2. Set the "Default NLG integration" to "Vertex AI"
  3. Set the default NLG model: `projects/{YOUR_GCP_PROJECT_ID}/locations/{GCP_LOCATION}/publishers/google/models/text-bison@001