Dialogflow ES


Adding the Dialogflow ES integration to HumanFirst Studio will let you;

  1. Import agents directly from Dialogflow ES
  2. Export workspaces directly to Dialogflow ES

Adding a Dialogflow ES integration will require a few steps both on the Google Cloud Console & in HumanFirst Studio's integration area.

Google Cloud Console steps#

  1. Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/ and go to the IAM / Admin section#

  2. Go to the service accounts section and create a service account#

  3. Fill out the form, make sure to provide the Dialogflow API Admin and Service Usage Consumer roles. Add any team members who will need to administer the JSON keys.#

  4. Navigate to the service account and create a JSON key.#

HumanFirst Studio steps#

  1. Go to the Integrations section and Add an integration#

  2. Choose the Dialogflow ES option#

  3. Fill out the details#


Exporting back to DialogFlow ES#

When exporting a workspace back to Dialogflow ES, note that unused entities (entities that have no annotations referencing them) will not be exported into Dialogflow ES even if they exist in your HumanFirst workspace.