Dialogflow CX


Adding the Dialogflow CX integration to HumanFirst Studio will let you;

  1. Import agents directly from Dialogflow CX
  2. Export workspaces directly to Dialogflow CX
  3. Use the Dialogflow CX NLU to power recommendations & searches within HumanFirst.
  4. Use the Dialogflow CX NLU to run evaluations.

Adding a Dialogflow CX integration will require a few steps both on the DialogFlow side, the Google Cloud Console & in HumanFirst Studio's integration area.

Dialogflow CX steps#

  1. Go to https://dialogflow.cloud.google.com/cx/projects#

  2. View all projects#

  3. Note your project ID#

  4. Navigate to your project and note the default location of your agents#

Google Cloud Console steps#

  1. Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/ and go to the IAM / Admin section#

  2. Go to the service accounts section and create a service account#

  3. Fill out the form, make sure to provide the Dialogflow API Admin and Service Usage Consumer roles. Add any team members who will need to administer the JSON keys.#

  4. Navigate to the service account and create a JSON key.#

HumanFirst Studio steps#

  1. Go to the Integrations section and Add an integration#

  2. Choose the Dialogflow CX option#

  3. Fill out the details based on what we noted earlier#