Revisions are snapshots of your workspace. They allow users to review changes between these snapshot dates, and to restore a workspace to a previous state.

What is contained in a revision#

A workspace revision will contain all workspace information, excluding linked data sets and generated data.

  • Intents, intent settings and intent tags
  • Labeled utterances (intent utterances), including their entity annotations
  • Entities & entity values
  • Tags
  • Prompts (beta feature)

What changes are reviewable#

We're adding more reviewable information over time. As of now (late 2023), revisions allow users to review:

  • Intent creation
  • Intent deletion
  • Intent updates (naming, hierarchy & tags)
  • Labeled utterance creation
  • Labeled utterance deletion
  • Utterance updates (labelling, relabelling)
  • Tag creation
  • Tag deletion
  • Tag updates (renaming, protected)

Creating revisions#

You can create snapshots of a workspace by navigating to revisions and clicking Create revision. Revisions also get created automatically after certain actions like triggering an evaluation.

Viewing differences between revisions (diffing)#

By hovering over a revision you can click on Diff. This will open a page where you can see the entire change log between two revisions. Make sure to select the two revisions you wish to compare (before and after).

Revisions are currently always displayed in "squashed" mode. This means that you will see the sum of all changes between the two selected revisions, not each change in isolation.


By hovering over a revision you can click on Restore. This will create a new workspace from the state at which the workspace was for the selected revision.