Disambiguating intents, confusion matrices#

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🦸 SuperPower Objectives :#

  • What is a K-fold
  • Compare K-fold
  • What run evaluation provides data for
  • What run training provides for
  • Why they are different
  • How to find your worst intents
  • How to disambiguate using KNN and HF-nlu
  • How to see the relevant part of the confusion matrix

Video Example#

8 minutes

Disambiguating a model with HumanFirst

Academy Exercise 03: Disambiguation - Try it yourself!#

In "Create a workspace">"From a demo workspace" you will find a demo workspace for Academy Ex03: Disambiguation This is the workspace in the exercise above, a different annotator has labelled some more data, but it doesn't look like it's improved the model. What are the couple of utterances most impacting the model?

Academy Exercise 03: Disambiguration - Answer#

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