Imports intents into a workspace.

Path Parameters
namespace string โ€” REQUIRED

Namespace of the workspace.

playbook_id string โ€” REQUIRED

Unique identifier of the workspace.

Request body โ€” REQUIRED
namespace string

Namespace of the workspace.

playbook_id string

Unique identifier of the workspace.

format enum

Format of the imported file. Values: 1 = CSV, 2 = Rasa 1 Markdown, 3 = Rasa 2 YAML, 4 = Botpress, 6 = Dialogflow ES

format_options IntentsDataOptions
hierarchical_intent_name_disabled boolean

Disables intents hierarchy encoding via the intent names. Ex: 'Parent / Sub-parent / Intent'

hierarchical_delimiter string

Overrides the default delimiter used for intent hierarchy. Default is '--' for Botpress and Dialogflow, '+' for Rasa, '/' for CSV

zip_encoding boolean

Indicates that the intents are zipped and may be splits in different files.

hierarchical_followUp boolean

To be used with Dialogflow to use intents hierarchy using intents follow-up.

data bytes

Bytes of the file to import. The format is the one requested through the format field in request.

clear_workspace boolean

Clears workspace intents before importing.

soft_fail boolean

Returns fatal problems via the problems field instead of gRPC errors. Temporary flag until front-end properly handles soft failures instead of gRPC error.

Response Body
imported_intent_count uint32

Number of intents that were imported.

imported_training_phrase_count uint32

Number of training phrases that were imported.

problems ValidationProblem[]

List of problems that occurred while validating the file format. This list may not be exhaustive. If it's been limited, the total_problems indicate the total count.

level enum

Level of the problem. 1 = Warning 2 = Fatal

message string

Message of the problem.

filename string

(Optional) Filename in which the problem was encountered.

line uint32

(Optional) Line of filename on which the problem was encountered.

total_problems uint32

Indicates total number of problems at import.