Import unlabelled conversational files into a conversation source using a multipart request.

Path Parameters
namespace string โ€” REQUIRED

Namespace where the conversation source is located.

conversation_source_id string โ€” REQUIRED

Unique identifier of the conversation source in which we want to import the file.

Request body โ€” REQUIRED
file binary[]

(multi-part) content of the file in specified format

format string

(multi-part) format of the file. Possible formats:


Response Body
filename string

File name as saved in the user upload location as mangled if invalid characters were present in it.

problems ValidationProblem[]

List of problems that occurred while validating the file format. This list may not be exhaustive. If it's been limited, the total_problems indicate the total count.

level enum

Level of the problem. 1 = Warning 2 = Fatal

message string

Message of the problem.

filename string

(Optional) Filename in which the problem was encountered.

line uint32

(Optional) Line of filename on which the problem was encountered.

total_problems uint32

Indicates total number of problems at import.