Workspace revisions

About revisions#

HumanFirst Studio automatically creates revisions of your workspaces. This happens every 24h or whenever a significant amount of changes have been made to the workspace since the last revision. You can also create your own revisions, if the default frequency is insufficient.

What's in a revision?#

Revisions are saved states of your workspace at a given time. They include the workspaces' intents and their labeled data.

Revisions do not affect unlabeled data linked to the workspace. This means that when you restore a workspace to a previous version, the restored version will have access to the currently linked data (not the data at the time of the revision).

Working with revisions#

Once you have an open workspace, click on the Revisions menu item. If this is a new workspace, you'll likely only see a single revision, created at the same time the workspace was created.

From this view you can Create a revision or restore a revision.

Clicking restore will create a new workspace as a copy of the selected revision.

Revision lifecycle#

Each workspace will maintain a limited amount of automated revisions. This means that older revisions will eventually get automatically deleted.

Revisions you have created yourself will not be automatically deleted.