What problem does it solve?

Without HumanFirst#

data engineering

Labeling your data, discovering intents, finding more training examples, and scaling the coverage and accuracy of your NLU model heavily depends on data engineering.

The data engineering effort for any machine-learning projects often ends up being prohibitively expensive:

Using inadequate tools to maintain and manage NLU training data is costly in time and quality.


If you're using Excel, databases, Github or flat JSON files to centralize and collaborate on the training data that powers your NLU, you're not alone today - a surprising 85% of the companies we've surveyed resort to tools not made for NLU, at high cost and frustration

With HumanFirst#

HumanFirst is a horizontal data layer that integrates with other NLU and conversational AI providers, and provides an E2E solution for continuously evolving NLU.