The Botpress integrations requires the usage of the hf command line tool. See how to install it here.



hf expects to be ran from either the Botpress root, or from a bot's directory.

When importing intents from Botpress, you have the choice whether you'd like to completely replace the workspace's contents by the contents of bot. This is recommended, or else duplicate intents will be present in case they were already there. Beware that this overwrites any changes made within HumanFirst Studio.

To import, run: hf botpress import --workspace [workspace id] --clear


$ hf botpress import --workspace playbook-N4OPGXV42VBMVPARPKOYS4TS --clear
Using bot in directory: '/home/mrene/work/botpress/out/bp/data/bots/jira'
Zipping intents/__qna__0jbqco1kjd_question.json
Zipping intents/query-status.json
Bot data successfully imported into workspace 'playbook-N4OPGXV42VBMVPARPKOYS4TS'

You may now open the workspace in your browser.


To export the data back, run: hf botpress export --workspace [workspace id]. Note that this merges the changes back into the respective json files.


$ hf botpress export --workspace playbook-N4OPGXV42VBMVPARPKOYS4TS
Using bot in directory: /home/mrene/work/botpress/out/bp/data/bots/jira
Writing to /bp/data/bots/mybot/intents/__qna__0jbqco1kjd_question.json
Writing to /bp/data/bots/mybot/intents/query-status.json
Workspace 'playbook-N4OPGXV42VBMVPARPKOYS4TS' successfully exported and merged into bot data