Command Line Tool

A command-line tool named hf is available to better integrate with conversational AI platforms, and to automate certain actions like importing new conversations or utterance data.


You can download the latest version of the hf binary here.


hf auth login [email] will locally prompt for your password and keep you logged in for future commands.

The local state is saved in ~/.config/humanfirst/config.yaml


$ hf auth login [email protected]
Authenticated as [email protected] (org=example uid=ABCDEFGHIJ)

Working with workspaces#

Intents are kept within workspaces, if you have created a workspace already, you can locate its id using hf workspace list


$ hf workspace list
id name disabled
playbook-Z6T2R76YXJB65LA62CHOTTPT rasa false

If not, you can create one with hf workspace create [name]


$ hf workspace create namehere
Created: playbook-W3WG4KTBIJFNZA357GTKJTD4